We provide a studio for brands to create their own Metaverse.
The following Metaverse services are possible through our studio:
  • Customer Support and Chat Room Using ChatGPT API
  • Branded Mini-Games

Customer Support and Chat Room Using ChatGPT API

Customers of the brand will receive the points earned from playing mini-games as ChatPoints. These ChatPoints will be used with the ChatGPT API in the following two services:
  1. 1.
    Customer Support via ChatGPT API - Customer inquiries can be directly processed by the ChatGPT API through mobile messengers such as web chat screens or WhatsApp messenger. Additionally, the ChatGPT API is capable of processing responses in 96 languages. For customers who prefer to directly contact a representative instead of receiving answers through ChatGPT, a chat service with human response handling is also provided. This chat service can translate responses in 96 languages, allowing employees who are not proficient in foreign languages to provide responses in their native language while the ChatGPT handles the translation into the customer's language.
  2. 2.
    Public Chat Rooms with ChatGPT API - In general public chat rooms, users can ask questions to ChatGPT alongside other users. The responses from ChatGPT are publicly visible, and users can engage in general chat discussions as well. The public chat rooms feature a functionality called World Wide Chat (WWC), where chat content from all countries is automatically translated into English, and if desired by the user, the English text of the other party can be translated into their native language.
We offer game templates, allowing brands to modify the graphics themselves and create their own branded mini-games.
Branded Metaverse currently supports Korean language services only.
We are currently in the process of preparing for our service launch in Europe.
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