Data Management: Retention, Analytics, and Reporting

Data Retention, Analytics, and Reporting: Managing User Data in Branded Mini-Games

How Long is the Campaign Preserved After Its Conclusion?

Campaigns created by paying customers will be retained for one year after their end date. Following this period, the campaign and its associated data will be permanently deleted from our system.

Branded Mini-Games provides campaign analytics, allowing you to access audience personal data via the analytics menu.

To view a campaign's analytics, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the "Dashboard" button in the top menu bar to access the campaign dashboard.

2. Locate the campaign for which you wish to check the analytics and click on the "Settings" button in the top right corner.

Note: You cannot view the analytics for campaigns with a "Draft" status.

3. A control menu will appear; select the "Analytics" option to view the campaign's analytics.

4. The campaign's analytics page will be displayed.

Please note that full analytics features are only available for premium campaigns.

Free campaigns can only access basic data, such as page views and unique visitors, and are unable to view personal data analytics.

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