You can run a campaign (game) service at the desired address of the brand via CNAME.

Currently, only HTTP is supported for CNAME, and HTTPS is not supported. For CNAME service via HTTPS, additional tasks will be incurred. Therefore, additional charges will apply. Customers who need this, please contact

You can find the CNAME setting in "My Campaign / Campaign Settings".

The "Campaign Information" is data generated and entered by the brand itself. Only A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and - characters should be used. The reason for entering campaign information is to distinguish the links when serving multiple campaigns (games) with one subdomain.

  • Only HTTP should be used, and HTTPS is not supported.

  • You need to use a subdomain on a custom domain, not the default domain. (available), (not available).

  • You need to add a CNAME record that routes traffic from the subdomain to

CNAME service can only be verified to actually work after publishing after paid payment. Therefore, if you set the publishing date to be the same as the actual service date, you won't be able to respond immediately when a problem occurs. For this reason, brands that wish to use CNAME are advised to publish 2-3 days before the service date to check the CNAME operation in advance.

The SNS login option (Facebook, Google, Twitter) requiring SSL will be disabled.

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