How to Add a Game to Your Website

Once you complete the paid payment and publishing for Branded Mini Games, a unique URL (web address) is created for the campaign (game). This URL can be added to the website in several ways as follows:

  1. URL Method: You can add a campaign (game) link to a clickable link or banner in the website content. Example: Bobbies related construction case page: This webpage contains a "PLAY DEMO" button that opens the game when clicked.

  2. Embedded Method: You can include the campaign (game) URL in the website using a feature like iFrame. In the case of iOS (iPhone), the iFrame may not work properly. In relation to this, the iPhone issue needs to be dealt with in a separate way, and an additional cost will be incurred. Example: Papa Moll demo page: This website contains an embedded game that can be played directly on the page.

Sample code to insert the game:

<style>iframe{ border : none;}.bg-game{ height : 1200px;}</style> <div class=”bg-game” style=”margin:auto;”> <iframe src=”” width=”100%”></iframe></div>

You must enter "", which is the "technically working campaign URL" that can be found by selecting the "Campaign URL" option in "My Campaign / Campaign Settings".

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