Game Customization: Easy Mode

After creating a campaign, you will see the selected game template in the "Game Settings" To access the game editor, click the "Customize Game" button on the right.

The game editor offers two modes:

  • Easy Mode: Effortlessly modify your game by replacing images supported by the game.

  • Pro Mode: Slightly more challenging to use but provides sophisticated editing with advanced tools.

Switch between modes quickly by selecting the "Easy Mode" or "Pro Mode" button in the top right corner of the Game Editor.


  1. Categories: Images with similar characteristics are grouped together in the same area. Depending on the game, there may be more or fewer groups of areas available.

  2. Settings: When you select a group within a category, the corresponding image appears on the settings screen. Here, you can select the image and replace it with your own.

  3. Preview: Displays the game with all applied changes.

  4. Top Right Button: Provides the following functions:

    • Restore Default Settings: Resets all images in the game to their original state.

    • Save and Exit: Saves all changes and exits the Game Editor.

    • Pro Mode: Switches the Game Editor to Pro Mode.

  5. Download and Upload Images:

    • Download: Saves all game images in a ZIP file.

    • Upload: Adds all game images from a ZIP file.

Ensure that the file names and sizes of the images remain the same as the originals when uploading.

Customizing your game:

Step 1: Select images Choose a group of images in the Categories area to import them to the Settings screen. Upon selecting an imported image on the Settings screen, you will see control buttons:

  • Download: Saves the current image file.

  • Upload: Replaces the current file with an image file from your PC.

  • Restore image: Resets the image to the original.

Step 2: Modify the image (upload) Modify the image imported to the settings screen with a graphic image of your own creation:

  1. Select the 'Upload' button.

  2. Drag the modified graphic image from your PC or click "Select Image" to choose a file.

  3. Drop or select an image to upload and replace it with your created image.

Step 3: Preview your changes After the modified image finishes uploading, the game automatically updates in the "Preview" section on the right. Preview how the changed game will look.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 to modify all images in your game as desired.

Step 4: Save your changes Once you have finished changing all images, select the "Save and Exit" button in the top right corner to save your changes and exit the game editor.

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