Skin Editor

How to Customize Campaign Pages with the Skin Editor

The skin editor allows you to tailor your campaign pages to your specific requirements.

To access the skin editor, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and create a new campaign or open an existing campaign by tapping on it.

  2. In the Page Settings, select any page items and then click the "Edit this screen" button.


1.1. Elements

The Elements section displays all the elements of the selected page. Each element has various customizable features, such as:

  • Component Type

  • Image component

  • Text component

  • Color component

  • Alignment component

  • And other components

1.2. Canvas

The Canvas displays a visual representation of the selected page.

Any changes you make to a component will be reflected in real-time on the Canvas.

1.3. Canvas Device View

This feature provides buttons that allow you to change the Canvas view.

You can preview how the page appears on a PC, tablet, and mobile device.

1.4. Close Button

Select the Close Button to exit the skin editor tool.


Customize the game in Pro mode by following these steps:

Step 1. Select the Component

After opening the skin editor for a page, locate and select an element from the page.

Upon selection, all the corresponding components will be displayed.

Step 2. Customize the Component

Various component types have different customization options.

When customizing any component:

  • The Canvas will automatically update to show a live preview of the changes.

  • Your modifications will be saved automatically as well.

Customize Component Type

A component may support multiple types, which can be changed by selecting the type buttons next to it.

Note: Changing the type may alter some dependent components.

Customize Image Component

For an image component, you can download it as an image file or upload a new image to replace it.

Customize Text Component

Edit the text component by directly entering new content in the textbox.

Customize Paragraph Component

Modify the paragraph component by selecting it and entering new content in the text editor popup.

Customize Color Component

Adjust the color component by selecting it and choosing a new color in the color picker popup.

Customize Other Components

Some less common components can be customized using the control buttons in the skin editor.

Step 3. Preview the Page and Exit Skin Editor

After making the necessary changes to the components, preview the modifications on the Canvas. If the result meets your requirements, close the skin editor by clicking the "Close" button in the top-right corner of the screen.

If not, return to Step 1 and continue customizing.


1. Restore an Element to Original Settings

You can reset customized elements to their original settings by clicking the "Restore Default" button at the bottom of the components list.

2. Remove a Component from the Page

Certain elements can be completely removed by toggling their respective switches to "off" in the Element Panel.

3. Change Canvas Device View

Quickly view how the screen appears on different device sizes by selecting the desired screen size in the Live Preview located in the top right of the screen.

There are three available screen sizes: PC, Tablet, and Mobile Phone.

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