Personal Data and Compliance: Key Considerations

Personal Data and GDPR Compliance: Key Considerations for Branded Mini-Games

What is Personal Data under the GDPR?

Under existing legislation, personal data includes information like names, addresses, and photos. The GDPR expands this definition to encompass data such as IP addresses, as well as sensitive personal information, like genetic and biometric data that could be used to uniquely identify an individual.

What Types of Personal Data Can Be Collected Through Branded Mini-Games?

Branded Mini-Games offers various login options, including Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Email Collection, Mobile Number, and User ID from the campaign owner's system.

The personal data collected through Branded Mini-Games depends on the options you choose for your campaign.

The following data can be collected from your campaign, subject to your selected options:

  • User Name

  • Email Address

  • Mobile Number

  • Country

  • Sign-in Channel (how the end-user logged in to your campaign)

  • Play Count (the number of times a logged-in user plays the game)

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