Method 2

Step 1: Create a New Campaign

1. Log in to Studio and click the "+" button.

2. Choose an option that aligns with the purpose of your campaign. After making your selections, click the "Next" button.

  • Where do you want to add your game? Select Web -> PC, Mobile, or Web.

  • How do you want to reward your campaign? -> Ranked

  • Set phone orientation -> Portrait

3. Choose a game template.

Select a game template that complements your brand. Explore ideas for the type of branded mini-game you can create using the chosen template. Once you're satisfied with your choice, click the "Create Campaign" button to initiate a new campaign.

Step 2: Customize Your Game

After creating a campaign, you need to customize the game template you have selected. Click on the links below for detailed explanations.

Step 3: Page Settings

Page settings allow you to adjust three important features:

You can make the landing page visible to describe your campaign and choose to hide certain features.

Additionally, you can incorporate a login feature, which can be placed before or after the game.

The results and call to action options can be utilized to create leaderboards, enable social sharing, visit websites, embed YouTube videos, and offer coupon downloads.

Step 4: Choose a Paid Plan and Publish

Select your preferred plan from the available paid options, complete the payment, and publish your game.

You can preview the service before making a payment to see how it will appear to users.

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