Using Hearts (Game Life)

You can limit the number of game plays using Hearts (Game Lives).

Select the drop-down arrow in the Configurations section in "My Campaign / Game Settings".

Turn on the button to the right of "Use Hearts (Game Lives)".

  • Initial Amount: The number of hearts initially given to the player.

  • Refresh Time (in minutes): A new heart is added after the input time (in minutes).

  • Increase Amount: It defines the number of hearts to be given when hearts are added in minute intervals.

For example, in a campaign like the sample screenshot above:

  • Players will have 5 hearts (initial amount) when they first play the game.

  • One heart is deducted each time a player plays the game.

  • A heart (increase) is added every 1440 minutes (refresh time).

If the campaign has already started, select the "Save Changes" button in the upper right after updating the content to apply the changes to the campaign.

Page Editing

In "My Campaign / Page Settings / Advanced Settings", select "Getting Heart".

You can edit the corresponding page by clicking the "Edit Screen" button on the right.

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