Minimum Game Score Setting

The "Minimum Game Score Setting" is a feature that allows you to set a minimum score that users must achieve to participate in a campaign (mini-game). If the score earned by a user through the game is lower than the minimum score, they cannot move on to the next step and must replay the game.

Select the drop-down arrow in the Configurations section in "My Campaign / Game Settings".

Enter the minimum game score value in the "Minimum Game Score Setting" input box. If you set the minimum score limit to 0, this feature will not be applied.

If the campaign has already started, select the "Save Changes" button in the upper right after updating the content to apply the changes to the campaign.

Page Editing

In "My Campaign / Page Settings / Advanced Settings", select "Unachieved Score".

You can edit the corresponding page by clicking the "Edit Screen" button on the right.

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