To publish and make your campaign live, once you have finished customizing and configuring it, follow these steps:

1. Choose "Pricing Plan & Publish" from the left menu.

2. On the "Pricing Plan & Publish" page, if you haven't yet subscribed to a plan, select a plan and subscribe.

For more details, please see "Subscribing to a Paid Plan?"

3. If you already have a plan, review and configure your campaign before publishing as follows:

Campaign Details (Timezone, Period & Country Access Permission):

  • Campaign Timezone: Set the timezone for the campaign, which will influence the start and end date & time.

  • Start Date/Time: Determine the start date & time for the campaign.

  • End Date/Time: Specify the end date & time for the campaign.

Note: If the campaign's end date & time is scheduled beyond the expiry date of the subscription plan, the campaign will conclude when the subscription plan expires.

4. After setting the Campaign Status and Campaign Details, publish your campaign by clicking the "Publish it!" button in the top left corner.

5. Once the campaign is successfully published, you will be redirected to the dashboard.

From there, you can retrieve the campaign URL and use it as required, for example, distributing it to end-users or sharing it on your brand's Facebook wall.

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