Game Customization: Pro Mode


1. Screen

The screen area displays all the screens (scenes) of the game.

Typically, there are four main screens in a game:

  • Loading: This reads the files needed for game configuration.

  • Instructions: This shows the point when the game load is complete and ready to play. This screen also provides a simple guide on how to play the game.

  • Play: This is the screen where users play the game.

  • Results: This shows the results of the game after the user finishes playing.

2. Components

When you select a screen area, all images belonging to that screen are loaded. These images are then displayed in components.

Images are grouped into several types according to their characteristics.

3. Canvas

The canvas shows a visual representation of the selected screen (scene).

By selecting an image displayed on the canvas, you can modify its sprite attributes.

When a user selects an image on the canvas, they can directly adjust the size and position of the image by dragging its edges.

4. Sprite Attributes

Sprite attributes show the sprite properties applied to the image selected in the component or on the canvas.

You can precisely control the position and size of the image by changing the values in these attributes.

5. Canvas Control Buttons

  • Undo: Reverts the most recent changes.

  • Redo: Reapplies the most recent changes.

  • Fullscreen: Displays the game editor in full screen (may not work on some devices).

  • Preview: Displays a pop-up window showing the game with all changes applied. You can check how the game has been modified and play it.

6. Top Buttons

  • Restore Defaults: Resets all images of the game. All modified images will be deleted.

  • Save and Exit: Saves all changes and closes the game editor.

  • Easy Mode: Switches the game editor to Easy Mode.

  • Properties: Modifies the sprite attribute information.

  • Download: Downloads all images of the game as a ZIP file.

  • Upload: Uploads all images of the game as a ZIP file.

Please make sure that the file name and size of the images are the same as the original when uploading all images as a ZIP file.

Game Customization

Step 1, Select Image

When you select Loading, Instructions, Play, and Results from the screen area, related images will appear in the left component area. Then, you simply select the image you want.

You can also directly select an image on the canvas with your mouse. The selected image will be automatically selected in the left component area.

After selection:

1. The control buttons for the selected image will be displayed in the component area.

  • Download Button: Downloads the current image file.

  • Upload Button: Uploads an image file from your PC to replace the current file.

  • Restore Button: Resets the image.

2. The selected image on the canvas is highlighted with a red rectangle.

3. The attributes of the selected image will be displayed in the Sprite Attributes.

Step 2, Replace Image

To change the selected image, follow the steps below to upload and modify your image.

  • Select the 'Upload' button.

  • Drag the modified graphic image from your PC or click "Select Image" to choose a file.

  • Once you drop or select the image, the upload process will begin and it will be replaced with the image you've created.

Changing the Position or Size of the Image

Using the Canvas:

You can change the size and position of an image by selecting it on the canvas.

  • Size Change: Grab the corner of the image and drag to adjust the size.

  • Position Change: Press and drag the middle part of the image to move it.

Using Properties:

For advanced users, you can precisely control the position and size of an image by changing the values in the Properties.

Step 3, Check Modified Content

After modifying the images of the game, you can preview how the changed game will look by selecting the "Game Preview" button in the top area.

Repeat steps 1-3 to change all the image assets in the game to your own.

Step 4, Save and Exit

Once all image modifications are complete, select the "Save and Exit" button in the top right to save all changes to the game and exit the game editor.

Video Guide

Watch the detailed steps of modifying a game template using the Pro mode of the studio in the video below.

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