Instant Win

The "Instant Win" prize award method allows users to see their results immediately after finishing the game.

For an "Instant Win" campaign, you need to set the rewards in advance. Be sure to choose "Instant Win" as the prize reward method when creating your campaign.

On the Game Settings page, select "Instant Win Rewards" from the left menu.

In the "Instant Win Rewards" section, click the "Add New Reward" button.

An "Add New Reward" pop-up will appear, where you can set the reward's properties as follows:

1. Reward Image: Display the reward image on the spin wheel in the game and on the results page.

2. Reward Item: Name the reward, which will appear on the results page.

3. Minimum Play: Set the minimum number of plays required before the Winning Rate is applied. Before reaching this threshold, users have no chance of winning the reward.

4. Amount: Determine the quantity available for the reward. Once the number of winners equals the "Amount" value, there are no more opportunities to win it.

5. Winning Rate (%): Establish the winning rate of the reward. When multiple rewards are available, the server determines the winning reward according to the "lowest winning rate first" sequence.

For example, if you've added three rewards:

  • Reward A has a 20% winning rate

  • Reward B has a 10% winning rate

  • Reward C has a 30% winning rate

  • Server will check whether user win the reward B (10%)

  • If yes, then user win reward B

  • If no, then the server will check whether user win the reward A (20%)

  • If yes, then user win reward A

  • If no, then the server will check whether user win the reward C (30%)

  • If yes, then user win reward C

  • If no, then user won’t win any reward

6. Multiple Win this reward: Set whether users can win the same reward multiple times or only win once when they play again.

7. Using it as default reward: Enable this toggle to designate a particular reward as the default. It will have a 100% winning rate, meaning if a user doesn't win any other reward, they will always win this one.

After entering the necessary information, click the "Update" button to add the reward to the campaign.

Once added, a new reward will appear in the list.

Repeat steps 6-7 to add all the required rewards for the campaign.

Please note that each game template may have different minimum and maximum reward amounts.

For example, the Spin To Win game requires a minimum of six rewards and a maximum of 12.

After adding all the rewards, click the "Preview" button at the top to see how the rewards appear in the game.

E.g. Spin To Win game with above rewards will show as below:

When everything is set, choose the "Publish" button to publish the campaign.

If the campaign has already been published, select the "Save Changes" button in the top right corner after updating to apply the changes to the campaign.

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